Wednesday, January 4, 2012


no, not that kind of stripping, we're talking diapers :)

the problem:
after a while, despite your best efforts to avoid it, cloth diapers can get detergent build up. which means two things: less absorbency and more stink! (obviously this is a downside of cloth diapers, i'm just keeping it real) :) so we decided it was time to do something about it. i read online about how your can "strip" your cloth diapers using your washer at home, and running the diapers through many hot cycles with just water, but it said it was easiest in a top loader (we have a front loader) and that you should turn up your water heater (no thanks), so we decided to look into other options. 

the solution:

enter do-good diapers, a cloth diaper service in the twin cities. they primarily do weekly diaper delivery and cleaning for their clients, but i noticed on their website they also have an option for a one time diaper "stripping." for $25 they pick up your (dirty!) diapers, run them through their commercial grade washers to remove any build up and return them 7 days later. they even give you their cloth diapers to use for the week, that you can return to them dirty. so, we decided to go for it. after scheduling a pick up time with the nice guy on the phone, we threw everything into our wetbags and set them on the front step. i came home that night to a giant bag of cloth diapers for the week, which we didn't end up using because they are pre-folds (think old-school cloth diapers). trickier to use in my opinion, but that's ok.:) we just used disposables for the week. 

we got our diapers back last night and they are just like new! fluffier, whiter, and smell great. the real test was if they would smell after azalea wore one for a while. and they passed with flying colors! i'm so glad we did this. we probably will again in another 6-9 months, if they need it. so, that's my little plug for diaper stripping and do-good diapers. and no, they don't know i wrote this post. i'm just a happy customer! 


Lisa said...

This sounds too funny, but I actually got all happy when you said the diapers where fluffy and like new! Haha..It must be a cloth diapering Mom thing. I will have to find a place like this around us! It sounds like it worked wonders, and it's about stripping time for us, too!

Nell said...

I love Do Good! Their new product line for baby oils & lotions is great too. This is a good reminder I need to turn in my "night" diapers for a good stripping :) Thanks. Love your blog from another Twin Cities mama!

Happiness Is... said...

This is fascinating - I am not brave enough to try cloth diapers, but I think it's amazing that you do it!

Em said...

Good to know! We'll have to try this sometime. I sort of strip my own now, but they still sort of stink. $25 is nothing!


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