Sunday, January 15, 2012

sick baby = sad mama

i knew something wasn't right when azalea curled up on thatcher's chest and fell asleep at 6:30pm on friday night. 6:30 isn't all that early for her, but the curling up? that. never. happens. not to mention, for the hour before that she hadn't let me set her down without huge tears. she slept for a little bit and then we woke her to get her ready for bed and off she went. she slept the whole night like usual. 

saturday morning she was a little fussy and didn't want to play. she went down for her normal morning nap, but only slept for an hour. after only a half hour awake, she was really crabby, so we tried laying her down again and she slept for another half hour. when she woke up, i thought she felt a little warm, so we took her temperature. it was at 100. i tried to feed her some lunch, but she didn't have much interest, so i laid on the couch with her and she fell fast asleep again. we spent pretty much the rest of the day on the couch snuggled up. she woke to have a bottle and a little food in the afternoon, but that was about it. 

while i felt bad that she wasn't feeling well, i savored every second of our cuddle time since she is usually completely un-interested in such things :) she slept on and and off until 9:00 or so. we talked to the nurses line and they gave us some advice for the evening and told us to bring her to the walk-in clinic in the morning. she woke and hung out with thatcher and i while we watched a movie. her fever kept creeping up - 101 then 102. we gave her some infant pain reliever. i could have put her in her crib to sleep, but i wanted her close to me. finally around 10:30 we all went to bed in our own beds. 

she only made it 40 minutes before she woke up crying. i took her out in the living room and we fell asleep on the couch. she woke up again an hour later crying. we changed her diaper and offered her a bottle, but she didn't want it. we took her temperature and luckily it had gone down a couple degrees. she did not want to go in her crib and my bed was sounding better than the couch, so i brought her in for a rare night in our bed. luckily she slept fine the rest of the night. i, however, did not sleep all that well. i'm always really nervous when she sleeps with us, so i barely go into a deep sleep. she made it until 7:15 this morning. not bad!

we took her to the walk-in clinic around 9:30 and they told us they couldn't find anything that was obviously wrong, so she probably just has a virus. her temp was 100 at the doctor. sort of a bummer that we aren't able to give her antibiotics, but hopefully she will be on the mend soon. she slept about her normal amount today and has been asleep for the night for almost 2 hours with no wake ups. i think we're moving in the right direction. we had to miss out on some fun plans this weekend, but that's ok. i'm thankful that we made it almost 10 months without her getting sick with anything worse than a cold. thankfully thatcher has the day off tomorrow to spend with her. 

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