Sunday, January 8, 2012

quiet weekend

we had a nice, quiet weekend, which was much-needed after all the hustle and bustle of the holidays (more like the last month!). friday night thatcher and i played with azalea and then watched a movie called "the town" after she went to sleep. it was intense, but good!

saturday we skyped with my parents in florida. i think azalea is really starting to enjoy it, even though i'm sure she doesn't "get" it yet. then she took a (short) nap.

just resting my eyes for a sec, mom

we decided to go to culver's for lunch and invited my brother to come along. well, it probably wasn't the best idea considering the length of azalea's nap. she pretty much fussed and cried the whole time we were there. we stuffed our food in our mouths and off we went! luckily she took a pretty good nap in the afternoon before we had a playdate with becky (baby linnea) and jackie (big boy gavin). it was so much fun! i love getting to know those girls better as we are all in the same season of life right now. and course their super cute kiddos. 

i guess linnea was the only one who got the memo that it was picture time

saturday night thatcher and i watched another movie, "the hangover part two." it was definitely not as good as the first, but i still thought it was funny and entertaining.

sunday we had no plans. we ran a few errands, did some cleaning, and then azalea and i went for a walk with rebekah and chester (woof woof). it was 40 degrees out today. i can't get over this weather. it's unreal! i feel like the trees are going to start budding and flowers are going to come up. anyway, this week is going to be the first normal work week we've had in a while. ready or not, here it comes! 

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Jackie said...

Glad it worked out for us all to get together for a play date. Gavin and I had fun! We'll have to do it again :)


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