Tuesday, January 31, 2012

playdate, pizza luce, birthday party, family dinner

that pretty much sums up our fun weekend. i could leave it at that, but since you're here by choice, i'm gonna go ahead and tell you more. :) we originally only had two of those things planned for the weekend, but the other two got added and made for a busy couple of days!

i don't think we did anything friday night, so i'll skip that. saturday we hosted a potluck lunch and playdate for a bunch of our friends who all have little girls around the same age. the best part was, none of them knew each other because we know them from all different parts of our life. we had 10 adults and 6 kids come over and it was so much fun! everyone brought something to share (all healthy stuff too, which was impressive!) and we all just hung out and chatted while the kids played and ran (ok, mostly crawled) around. it was so entertaining to watch them interact.

babies babies everywhere!


that night we were invited to go to pizza luce for dinner with my aunt, uncle, and two cousins. of course we said yes, as pizza luce is one of our favorite restaurants...and it's always fun to hang out with them! azalea did the best she's done in a restaurant in a long time. i was so proud of her! she sat in her high chair the whole time, ate her own food and also a little bit of my  pizza. such a relief to have a fairly relaxing dinner out with her!

sunday we went to a 1st birthday party for our friends jeff and chrissy's litle girl, tegan. chrissy did an awesome job decorating (i took notes....in picture form) :) tegan did so well with all the attention. she's such a cutie! i can't believe it will be azalea's turn in 2 months. ahhhhh.

present opening fun!

sunday night we had thatcher's family (and my brother) over for dinner. we made spaghetti with a new chicken meatball recipe we found. it was really yummy! azalea was pretty much obsessed. i barely got to eat because she was screaming for me to give her another bite every 10 seconds. she cracks me up! 

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Shane Warne said...

Highly entertaining post!! I wish I could join this family to enjoy birthday party and family dinner such enjoyable way. Thanks


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