Saturday, January 21, 2012

de-cluttering = fun

super interesting fact of the day: i love to organize. clean? not so much, but i think organizing and purging stuff i never use is really satisfying. i'll admit i don't do it as often as i should (read: i've lived in my house for 4+ years and some stuff is still stored where we put it when we moved in - and hasn't been used). enter the de-clutter 2012 calendar i found on pinterest. i have to admit it's actually the first thing i've found on pinterest that i've actually tried out. i love pinterest, but let's be honest...most of the stuff i pin on there i'll never do :) 

the idea of the calendar (if you didn't click on it) is it gives you one small task per day to help you de-cluttter your house. things like "clean off the tops of your cabinets," "go through all of your spices and throw away ones that have expired, "go through all of your hair products and get rid of ones that are old or you no longer use." so, i've been trying to knock off some of the tasks and i've been doing pretty well! i usually don't do any during the week, but on the weekends i tackle one or two. 

the first one i did was to take everything off the top of my fridge, scrub it down, then only put the stuff back up that we use. now, i realize it would be more exciting if i had a "before" picture, but i didn't think to take one. oh well. just picture twice as much stuff up there. important things like broken magnets and bread bags :) 

i know it still looks like a lot of stuff, but we have a pretty small kitchen without a ton of storage space, so this was the best i could do. 

the next project was the clear out our bathroom cabinet shelves, clean, and put back only the stuff we use. i threw away tons of old lotions, soaps, etc. that were super old.

i bought those green baskets at target to help keep stuff organized. i may buy a few more at some point. 

the last project i did was to clear out (one) of our bathroom drawers, clean, and organize the stuff i put back. 

i threw away lots of broken hair binders, bobby pins, old makeup, etc. i found this clementine box to store all of my hair stuff in. i also used ziploc bags to sort everything. 

i just thought i'd share the calendar in case any one else wants to give it a whirl. next up is the other 2 drawers in the bathroom and the hallway linen closet. weeee!


Happiness Is... said...

Doesn't de-cluttering make you feel SO much better? We have moved so much that I have been pretty good about this but it's always an accomplishment!

Anna said...

Love this. The day we got our new bedroom furniture I was late to work because I couldn't wait to put stuff in the drawers :) I'm stealing the calendar off your pinterest.


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