Tuesday, December 20, 2011

weekend happenings

just another weekend recap for my memory. warning: i was bad about taking pictures. sorry! :) saturday morning we met my parents, brother, aunt, grandma, and her husband bob for breakfast at 50th street cafe to celebrate bob's 87th birthday. happy birthday to bob. he's in great health for his age. i hope i am fortunate enough to live to be 87. i'm so glad bob has been a part of our family for over 10 years. he's such a wonderful husband to my grandma. azalea did pretty well at the restaurant, but for whatever reason she never lasts more than 5 minutes in the high chair and has no interest in her toys, so we end up having to hold her and eat. silly girl. after breakfast, i was able to sneak off on my own and do a little more christmas shopping. i'm so close to being done. i just have to get my mom's gift done, then wrap the rest of my gifts. we invited thatcher's parents over for dinner on saturday night and uncle anders and heather ended up coming along too. we had burgers and sweet potato fries and played with azalea. she stayed up until 9. party animal!

sunday thatcher didn't feel well again. (we need to kick the sickies out of our house for good!). i had a hair appointment in the afternoon, so i took azalea to hang out with my parents, so thatcher could rest. my dad took her on a walk because it was sunny and 45 degrees. the week before christmas. in minnesota. unheard of! my haircut was super relaxing (as always) and my hair looked cute for one day (as always) ;) i came home, put azalea down for a nap, and thatcher was napping too, so i sat by the glow of the christmas tree and caught up on blogs. it was the perfect lazy sunday afternoon. last night after azalea went to bed, i went next door to rebekah's for our annual cookie baking/decorating date (3rd year now!) we decided to do gingerbread and m&m cookies. i was there for 3 hours baking and decorating. they turned out cute! and yummy! 

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