Friday, December 2, 2011

a daycare-cation

azalea has not been to daycare for the last week and a half. (the end of) last week was due to thanksgiving and this week is due to jean being on vacation. thatcher and i planned to take some extra time off work this week, if we needed to, but his parents generously offered to watch her all 4 days. she's had a great week with them! between watching their dog maggie and her cousin jack when he comes over, she's had endless entertainment. dogs and squirrly kids are her favorite! according to thatcher's parents, she's been eating and napping well, and has just been a good baby overall. that makes me very happy to hear. of course, she's always on her best behavior for anyone who isn't mom and dad :) 

it's gotten really cold here the last few days (14 degrees anyone?), so she looks like this every morning before we leave:

don't let her smile fool you, she screams her head off when we put her in her snow suit!

we're very thankful for grandparents who are willing to get up early and take care of her all week. i wonder how she will react to going back to daycare on monday. i know she loves it there, too, so i'm sure it'll be a smooth transition. 

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