Saturday, December 31, 2011

daddy-azalea day

yesterday thatcher had the day off work (i didn't - sad face), so he stayed home with azalea. it was only his second time spending an entire day alone with her. i spent my day at work cracking up at the play-by-play i got from him through emails, pictures, and texts. i thought it was really cute, so of course i had to share it with you (and record it for my memory) :) 

they dropped me off at work, ran an errand, then headed home so azalea could take a nap. he emailed to let me know she was down for her nap. a couple hours later, my phone rang. i answered and thatcher says "azalea wanted to say hi. she's up from her nap." i can hear her grabbing at the phone and yelling "bababa" in the background. made me laugh. thatcher and i chatted for a couple minutes and when i tried to hang up he said "nooo...what are you doing? talk to us!" hahaha. finally he let me go. a few minutes later i get this email in my inbox with the subject line "the outfit":

daddy did well, huh? he was proud.

that was followed by an email with this picture with the caption, "reading books"

i missed that little face

and one more just for good measure, captioned "food"
"what? i have a little something, where?"

i'm glad they had a good day together. i wish i could have been with them, but the pictures certainly helped. is there anything cuter than a dad with his baby?

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Kristin said...

I love it! i love those days too, when lee is home with lilah and they keep me updated! and, daddy did great on the outfit. i will never forget the morning lee asked me if i brushed lilah's teeth and hair every morning. i was like yeah, don't you when you have her in the mornings? :) he is learning!! ;) nothing cuter than a daddy with their daughter!!


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