Sunday, December 25, 2011

christmas eve

christmas eve morning started out with a caribou coffee date with two of my best high school friends, anna and michelle. we've done this the last couple years, so i told them we should make it an official tradition from now on. unfortunately our friend katie who normally joins us didn't come in town for christmas this year, so we missed her! azalea stayed home and napped. 

love these girlies

we hung around the house in the afternoon and got some final stuff prepared for our celebration at thatcher's parents' house. then off we went! 

here's azalea with her aunt cedar and cousin jack. her uncle andrew was in town as well, but unfortunately i didn't get any pictures of him. oops! 

here's their beautiful tree we helped decorate a few weeks ago.

azalea had her own special seat at the dinner table. she chowed down on some bread and cranberries. 

after dinner, while everyone was cleaning up, i caught her getting into the presents. little sneaker! :) 

at 6:45, after one present, our usually happy girl looked like this. so we took her upstairs and put her down in the pack n play for a while. (this is proof for the many who are convinced she never cries) :) 

she got up about an hour later and rejoined the party. here she is with grandma cheryl watching jack dig into a present. 

while she wasn't as cheery as the night before, we still had a good time. azalea got some fun gifts including her grandma cheryl's childhood rocking chair and her great grandma dorothy's gold locket (given to her on her baptism day in 1925). wonderful keepsakes! 

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