Monday, December 26, 2011

christmas day

azalea woke right around her normal weekend time (6:45-7:15) christmas morning. we didn't bother showing her the stuff santa brought until after she had her bottle. we know food is always her #1 priority. she really is my daughter.:) once she was ready, we set her up with her stash.

santa came! i know him! 

then we moved on to the gifts from mom and dad

thatcher and i opened gifts from each other and then he made some yummy pancakes for breakfast before azalea and i headed to church with my mom. we normally go christmas eve, but decided it would be easier to go christmas day instead. it was nice, but i did sort of miss going christmas eve. maybe next year. 

my parents and brother came over in the evening for dinner and presents. we set up azalea's play tunnel from santa and it was a hit! 

she loved seeing our faces at the other end :) 

azalea is now the proud owner of 2 rocking chairs. this one came from my parents...adorable! 

honestly, by this point in the weekend we were all a little pictured (and christmased) out. azalea couldn't cope with anything by about 7:00. we tried to put her down, but she was overtired and fought it by screaming and crying for a while. poor baby. overall, it was a great christmas. i'm ready for a break until next year when i will be back in the spirit again :) 

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Happiness Is... said...

Thatcher LOVES his tunnel. Once she starts becoming more mobile, she will love it even more! She is getting so big, too! Thatcher was totally zonked today - somehow he did okay on the 24th and 25th but today he was tuckered out.


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