Monday, December 26, 2011

9 months

azalea, 3/4 of your first year is now complete. you are turning into the sweetest little girl, right before our eyes. everyone who meets you comments on how happy and social (and beautiful) you are. of course the first two are most important, but we can't argue with the third as you are the most beautiful baby in the world to us. you have such a fun personality and you are learning new things and changing everyday. 

- you go to the doctor on wednesday for the first time in 3 months. i can't wait to get an update on your weight, height, etc. i'm going to guess you weigh somewhere around 18 lbs. we also need to ask the doctor about your cough and congestion that has been lingering for quite a while. i've heard there are no shots at this appointment, so that's nice!

- these days you are drinking anywhere from 4-7 oz bottles depending on the time of day (mealtime or snack). mostly formula, but i still pump 3 times a day for you. 

- you eat solids for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. you've also tried a few finger foods: bananas, clementines (with skin removed), potatos, peas, corn, yogurt melts, and puffs. you aren't showing much interest in feeding yourself yet, but i've been trying not to push it. we sometimes give you a sippy cup of water at meal time, which you like to play with, but don't really bring to your mouth. we'll just keep showing you how it works.

- you have 6 teeth now! the top 4 all came in at the same time. we couldn't believe it. you are a trooper and didn't lose any sleep over it! your gummy smiles were adorable, but the toothy ones may be even better.

- you love all your toys, but you especially love playing with things that aren't toys. plastic cooking utensils, tupperware, pieces of paper, and bottles of lotions, powder, etc are all a hit.

- you are very opinionated about which books we read you. if they are not on your "approved list" you let us know by fussy and trying to escape our arms :) the approved list includes Where is Baby's Pumpkin, B is for Bear, and That's not my Train. You got lots of new books for christmas, so i hope you'll give them a chance. haha.

- you haven't totally figured out crawling yet, but you get up on your hands and knees, rock, and push yourself forward or backward a little bit. you want to crawl so bad. i think it's only a matter of time before you figure it out. you also push yourself into a downward dog position, which is pretty funny. 

- i still haven't seen much stranger anxiety from you (except for santa maybe?). a little separation anxiety though. you do get in moods where you don't want me to put you down or fuss when i leave the room. when i want to complain that i can't get anything done, i remind myself that before i know it, you won't want me to hold/carry you and i will miss it. 

- you've been a good napper this month. you definitely like the room to be completely dark. you are even willing to fall asleep on your own in a strange room as long as it's dark enough. you have no fear of unfamiliar's quite impressive! you never fail to be a great overnight sleeper. 12 hours straight every night. we are so thankful!

- you've started saying "dadada" a lot (and "bababa"). you don't know what dada means, but it's pretty cute. every once in a while i get a "mumumum" out of you too. i love it! and i swear i've heard you say "hi" back to us, but i'm not convinced you are really saying it.

- you continue to love daycare (probably much more than being at home with us). ha. you love watching the big kids and often have giggle attacks watching them be silly. i know you can't wait to run around and play with them. jean is so good to you. she had a christmas party for all the kids and got each one a toy. so nice!

- you are still wearing size 3 disposables at night and cloth during the day. we're having your cloth diapers professionally cleaned this week as they've lost some of their absorbency. we had to move your changing pad to the floor because it was getting impossible to change your diaper on top of the dresser. you are a wild woman!

- you are wearing a mix of 9 and 12 month clothes now. picking out your outfits continues to be one of the highlights of my day. i think dad has only picked your outfit a couple times. i promise i'm not really that controlling, i just love dressing you up :)

- you had your first christmas this weekend and you did pretty well considering all the people, over stimulation, and late nights. we had fun with you and it makes me excited for the years to come. we love you!

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Lisa said...

Happy 9 months, Azalea! I have finally been able to catch up with your blog and your family, and it looks like Azalea had such a wonderful first Christmas! I'm so glad you guys had a sweet time celebrating with her!! It's so funny looking back on last year's Christmas when we had our bellies! I am so excited for March when these girls turn 1, but I can definitely wait! :)


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