Sunday, November 20, 2011

weekend recap

we had a fun and busy weekend around here. friday night i attended an awards dinner/fundrasier for one of our clients at work. i go every year and it's always fun to get dressed up, hang out with my co-workers, and support a good cause. thatcher stayed home with azalea. she was asleep when i got home, which always makes me sad, but luckily i don't have to do it very often. my friend dani came over after to spend the night. she was in town for her baby shower on sunday, so we decided we need a christmas movie/sugar cookie making night (yes, really). well, we didn't actually start until 10pm and therefore didn't even make it through all of home alone. serious party animals we are.

saturday dani and i met her mom at the original pancake house for breakfast. i opted to leave azalea home with thatcher because she is getting really hard to take to restaurants these days. i got pancakes with stawberries and whipped cream. so un-necessary, but so yummy! :) after breakfast, it started snowing for the first time this season! i love the snow from now until christmas time, but after that i wish it would all just melt. i went home to get azalea and then met dani and joanne at the galleria to do a little christmas shopping. only got one thing, but it's hard to do any serious shopping with azalea in tow. she gets mad if i stop the stroller to look at anything. ha! saturday night thatcher and i went out for indian food downtown with some friends. my boss karen was nice enough to offer to watch azalea. very convenient too, since she lives one block away. her 2 boys adore azalea too, so they all had fun.

sunday we had 2 parties to attend. first was my boss karen's annual chili cook-off. we normally make chili for it, but we decided to do cornbread and dessert instead this year. 

thatcher made pumpkin cupcakes with cinnamon cream cheese frosting. so good!! azalea and i only got to stay for an hour because we had to go to dani's baby shower.

it was a lot of fun. more yummy food, a couple games and of course, adorable presents!

 can't wait for azalea's new buddy to arrive in january. i was a little worried having azalea out all afternoon with no real opportunity to nap, but she ended up falling asleep on my shoulder for an hour at the shower. i just have to get through 2 days of work this week, then it's a 5 day weekend for thanksgiving! yes please!

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Happiness Is... said...

I am SO jealous it snows there! I love that about this time of year. But no snow in NOLA.


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