Sunday, November 27, 2011

the rest of our long weekend

sorry for the lack of pictures. this is mostly for my memory:

azalea didn't get much of a first thanksgiving. at least she didn't know the difference :) we watched a little of the macy's parade together (my favorite) and mostly hung out at home with thatcher all day. we were supposed to go to my aunt's in the afternoon and thatcher's parents' in the evening, but we called them to tell them we'd keep our germs to ourselves. my brother really wanted to see azalea, though, so she and i stopped over  to see him for a little bit. (my parents are in florida til mid dec.) it was such a warm day, almost 60! kelli brought me over some soup and pasta that her dad made, which was so nice! that evening, thatcher's brother also dropped off leftovers from their thanksgiving dinner, so i got to stuff my face. not all was lost this thanksgiving :)

no black friday shopping for us. since it was another mild day, azalea and i went for a walk up to the grocery store and stopped by a garden store on the way back and picked up a couple christmas decorations. i got a glorious couple of hours of alone time in the afternoon while both thatcher and azalea were napping, so i put up all of our christmas decorations, minus the tree. we're getting that next weekend. i also hung our wreath outside. (stay tuned for pics).

azalea and i met kelli at southdale for a little christmas shopping. it wasn't as crowded as i expected. if you haven't caught on yet, it takes me about 457385385839 trips to get my christmas shopping done. i think i bought one thing, for my brother. and 3 things azalea really needed. in the afternoon, i took azalea over to my aunt & uncles to see them and my cousins since we missed them on thursday. they all had fun playing with her, and as usual, she loved the attention. :) that night thatcher and i watched the holiday (my second time this week - ha!)

last day of the luxurious long weekend. we went on a family grocery shopping trip (exciting, i know) and then azalea and i took a fabulous nap together this afternoon. we also went over to one of thatcher's good high school friend's house because he was in town. hung out with his family, including his cute 17 month old niece. we had my brother over for pancakes for dinner. breakfast dinner is a staple at our house :) 

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