Friday, November 11, 2011

puffs fail

so, i bought some organic puffs for azalea to try since she is getting to the age where she can start having some first finger foods. if you don't know, puffs are basically little cheerio-sized circles that are designed to melt in the mouth, so they are easy for babies to eat. i tried to hand one to her, but she didn't take it, so i placed it in her mouth. she gave me a confused look as she moved it around with her tongue, then began to gag, which turned into choking! thatcher tried to fish it out of her mouth, but couldn't get it before she projectile vomited what looked like her entire bottle all over the floor!! :( needless to say i'm not very excited to give her them again. i was sort of surprised about how little it dissolved during that time. i'm sure her reaction is fairly common as she hasn't really had anything that wasn't pureed before, but it was kind of scary. luckily my best friend is an occupational therapist and gave me some tips for the next time we try it. 1. make sure her high chair is all the way upright 2. let her hold the puff and play with it first.
anyone else have advice on transitioning to finger foods?


Happiness Is... said...

I was going to suggest just putting a handful on the high chair and letting her play with them - no pressure. She may eventually explore with her mouth, maybe not. But she'll let you know when she's ready. Half of them don't end up in Thatcher's mouth, but it's important for motor skills, learning to eat, etc. Honestly half are on the floor, but at least he's trying!

Lisa said...

Ohh, what a scary moment that must have been!! I am so afraid of Rosemary choking on foods...I haven't even tried puffs because I am so scared! But, I know these babies are ready for them and it's important to introduce them. Keep us posted about trial number 2 with the puffs!


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