Wednesday, November 9, 2011

old friends

sorry for the lack of posts lately. haven't had a ton to write about, but now i do :) last weekend we met up with some old neighbors from my parents' street. my friend kelli (who lived across the street) and i used to babysit for this little girl, annika when we were in middle and high school and now she is a sophomore in high school. (cue us feeling old!) it was really nice to see her and her mom. we met up at dunn bros for coffee. (ps. loving that the holiday drinks are out now - yum!) we hadn't seen them since they moved away in 2004 and they were excited to meet thatcher and azalea. we had a good time catching up. annika's mom snapped a quick pic of the 4 of us:

love azalea's "tough" face

and for comparison, here we are about 14 years ago:

i know you love my slicked back hair and choker necklace. kelli was going for the jock look :)


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