Wednesday, November 23, 2011

can't catch a break (pt. 2)

i spoke too soon the other day. silly me for thinking things couldn't get worse. yesterday was the first day of my long thanksgiving weekend and everything was going great until thatcher texted me that he was sick at work and needed me to come pick him up. 

so i did, and he went straight to bed when we got home, but couldn't fall asleep because he was having symptoms similar to mine from monday, but his were way worse! at one point he was dripping in sweat and told me he was about to pass out. so we called the nurse line at his clinic and after explaining all of his symptoms to her, she recommended that we call 911. 

i've never called 911 for anything before, but there's a first time for everything, right? they came blaring down our street with lights and sirens less than 5 minutes later. and of course all the neighbors came outside to see what was going on, can't blame them. thatcher was still conscious, so they took his vitals, etc. they thought he should go to the er to get checked out and gave us the option of riding in the ambulance or driving ourselves. 

we opted for the ambulance considering he was in pretty rough shape and i was scared that he would go even more downhill in the car. as everyone knows, ambulance rides are pretty much the most expensive thing in the world, so i really hope his insurance doesn't deny our claim. also, these sorts of situations get a little more complicated when you have a baby. luckily we have wonderful neighbors who were over here in a flash asking what they could do to help. so, i packed azalea's bag and sent her to our neighbors' who have 2 little boys.i knew she would be in good hands. 

i followed the ambulance to the hospital just a couple miles from our house (no lights or sirens this time, luckily). he was admitted pretty quickly and i was able to go back and see him. he had ivs and all sorts of tubes coming out of him and he was shaking from the chills. it was hard for me to see him like that, but i was thankful he was in a place where he was going to get good care. we spent about 2.5 hours in the er, which is not too bad considering some people wait that long just to be seen (another perk, i learned, of taking the ambulance is that we get priority). he was pretty miserable for most of the time we were there, but slowly started perking up a little. 

after a couple hours, he was able to walk around and carry on a conversation, so they sent us on our way with some prescriptions and orders to take it easy for a few days. they still aren't sure what caused all of his extreme symptoms. it's possible that it was a food borne illness, but probably more likely just a stomach virus. 

so we're spending our thanksgiving at home, just the 3 of us. no turkey or mashed potatoes or pie, but that's ok. azalea won't remember her first thanksgiving anyway. i did introduce her to the macy's parade on tv this morning, though. i think she liked it :) happy thanksgiving to you and yours! 

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