Tuesday, November 1, 2011

azalea's first halloween

we had quite a busy weekend (and monday) celebrating halloween. we started off friday night attending the southwest community ed family halloween party. many of you know, thatcher and i met while working for community ed, so we were really looking forward to taking azalea for the first time. unfortunately thatcher woke up sick friday morning and had to stay home from work and also from the party :( so azalea and i headed to the party by ourselves. luckily we had lots of friends to see. 

here are laura, evelyn the panda (11 months), azalea the rooster and i. laura worked at community ed with thatcher and me. i've known her since high school :)

obviously azalea was pretty young to enjoy most of the party, but she did get her hands on a balloon animal that she loved and got to watch a puppet show. she also loooves watching kids run around and be loud and silly. as you can imagine, there was no shortage of that! and no shortage of giggles from her.

watching the puppet show...not sure what to make of it!

sunday we were invited to an annual pumpkin carving party at our neighbors adam and holly's. thatcher had a commitment that overlapped with the party, so i took azalea by myself. i left the pumpkins at home because i figured i wouldn't be able to carve them and take care of her. luckily thatcher was able to stop over for a little bit. azalea hardly napped before the party, so we only made it an hour before she got fussy and we had to take her home to sleep. oh well, such is life with a baby!

daddy and azalea at the party

everyone carving while trying to stay warm

i also spent much of sunday making food for a halloween potluck at my work on monday. thankfully my parents were able to come over and entertain azalea. moral of the story: i planned too much over the weekend and our pumpkins never got carved. turns out i'm not super mom :)

finally monday was halloween itself. my work potluck was super yummy and fun. our daycare provider invited all the kids to bring their costumes for a little halloween party at the end of the day, so it was fun to see them all dressed up when i picked azalea up. jean also gave them each a pumpkin bucket with some candy and little toys. super nice of her! we took azalea home and got ready to go trick or treating to a few houses on our block. i realize she's too young to understand the whole trick or treating thing (or eat the candy!), but i knew our neighbors would love to see her in her costume and i wasn't going to say no to chocolate :)

all ready to go!

azalea and our (uncarved) pumpkins :)

making the rounds! 

hope you all had a great halloween. i can't believe it's november already! this time of year always flies by, but I love it. i can't wait for all the holiday fun that is to come!

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She is a precious rooster!


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