Monday, October 17, 2011

the "pumpkin patch"

back in september when we went to the apple orchard, i wasn't really in a pumpkin state of mind yet, so we didn't get any pumpkins...or cute baby pumpkin pictures. :) we talked about going to a pumpkin patch yesterday, but decided not to make the trip. luckily a church right in our neighborhood sells pumpkins every year for a fundraiser, so we took a walk with azalea and maggie (thatcher's parents' dog who is staying with us) to check it out. it wasn't a real pumpkin patch, but it was close enough for me! 

lots of pumpkins to choose from

i can't say azalea was super excited about the whole experience, but she was content enough for the mamarazzi to take a few pics :) 

my new favorite pic of me and her...she is always so serious in pics. haha. 

thatcher and maggie...both smiling! hehe

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Happiness Is... said...

We so need to go to a pumpkin patch this weekend. So cute!


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