Thursday, September 8, 2011

labor day weekend

i'm a little behind over here :) we had a really great labor day weekend. it was the perfect mix of stuff to do and down time. i have to admit i did not take hardly any pictures, but i wanted to record all the fun stuff we did just for my memory. 

friday night we stayed in and relaxed and watched a movie after azalea went to sleep. 

saturday morning thatcher was busy, so azalea and i decided to spend some time with my parents. they picked us up and we went to the fulton farmer's market near their house. it was really crowded, which was great to see! we didn't get anything to eat because we decided to go to convention grill for lunch. it's an awesome restaurant that's been open since the 40's with the best burgers, fries, and malts ever. i hadn't been there for a few years, so i was (overly) excited. i felt like a blimp walking out afterwards, but it was so worth it :) azalea did pretty well. she is definitely getting "interesting" to take to restaurants. keeps me busy. ha! saturday was also my brother in law's birthday, so we went to thatcher's parents' and ordered davanni's pizza (i'm pretty sure i ate a week's worth of calories that day). whoops. 

sunday i went to church with azalea and my mom. it's been a while since i've gone, so it felt good. everyone we saw was amazed how fast azalea has grown. after church, i ate lunch with my parents and then came home. azalea and i took an amazing nap on the couch, which was much needed (for both of us). sunday evening we had some of our neighbors over for appetizers and then thatcher's parents came over to watch azalea so we could have a movie date. we saw "stupid crazy love" and it was really cute!
azalea and her neighbor buddy parker (6 weeks younger)

monday we didn't really have anything planned, so i called my grandma to see if i could bring azalea over for a visit. so, i picked up pot pies from the cub foods deli and took them over to grandma and bob's. they enjoyed seeing azalea, and we enjoyed seeing them! after our visit, i decided to stop at the knollwood mall because i've been on the lookout for some new brown boots. i ended up finding not only boots, but also a pair of flats, a blue cardigan and a peach/white printed scarf (not pictured because it was on clearance). best of all, azalea was a little angel the entire 1.5 hours i shopped. 
happy autumn to me!


Sarah said...

Are those rocket dog flats? Pretty sure I have them in black AND in silver. Love them!

Anonymous said...

cute books and cardigan! where are they from?

Melissa said...

Sarah, the flats are actually Blowfish. Anonymous :), the cardigan is from Old Navy and both shoes are from DSW Shoe Warehouse.


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