Sunday, September 25, 2011

fall fun

yesterday we joined our good friends liz, joe, and their two boys at an apple orchard in delano, mn. apple orchards are one of my favorite things about fall. we had never been to this one before, so that was fun. and of course i was excited to have azalea along this year! it was a little chilly out at first, but warmed up pretty fast. we got there right when it opened at 10am to try to avoid the crowds. that only lasted about an hour, then it got really busy! they had lots of fun stuff to check out like a petting zoo, pumpkin patch, and some shops, including a bakery!

the "barn" buildings which were across the road from the actual orchard

the whole gang (minus me) enjoying some treats before getting started. i had an apple cinnamon donut - yum! 

i think we did just as much picture taking as apple picking :) we did get lots of honey crisps, though, which are our favorite. we're planning to make azalea her own apple sauce...and apple crisp (again) for us. can't wait!

here is azalea and her older man, max. :) these two are gonna be so cute running around together in a few months. i can't wait!

gotta get the fam picture. i'm sure azalea will love these in about 10 years. haha. 

i love watching these two so much. they make my heart so happy :) 

azalea also got some snuggle time in with her "auntie" liz

we had a great time hanging out with them as always. i hate that i always say "i can't wait until next year when..." but i do think next year will be even more fun when azalea can participate. but she did seem to enjoy taking it all in. 

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