Tuesday, September 20, 2011

checking in

i don't like to go more than a week without blogging, so here i am, checking in. i haven't had much to write about lately. weekdays are pretty much the usual routine around here and i haven't been good about taking pictures. this weekend we are going to an apple orchard with our friends and their 2 kids, so i can guarantee there will be lots of cuteness to share! for now, some bullets: 
  • last sunday i took azalea to the first day of lambs group (0-3 year olds) at church. there were lots of kids there, including lots of other babies (there is a serious baby boom at my church this year!). it was fun to meet them all and their parents. i'm looking forward to spending more time with this group.
  • my parents are leaving today for 2 weeks on a trip to the pacific northwest. i'm excited for them, but i have to admit, i'm going to miss having them around. azalea and i see them almost every wednesday. it's funny, they are freaking out about not seeing her for 2 weeks, but they know it's just practice for when they go down to florida for most of the winter. not sure how they are going to handle that one :) we are really hoping to go down for a visit in february, but plane tickets are ridiculous right now. hoping the prices will come down...
  • we are dog sitting our neighbors' yorkie/maltese mix, chester this week. azalea is really paying attention to him these days, watches him run around the house and often giggles. it's pretty cute. 
  • we made a super yummy peanut butter apple crumble with blueberries over the weekend for a party. it sounds a little strange, but i swear, it was amazing! 
  • i made a new blog banner last night. if you are on google reader, pop over and check out my mediocre design skills :) 


Paige said...

I miss my Mom when she is not around too. It is so great to have the support and the company and the HELP! Have fun this weekend. Can't wait for the pics.

Sarah said...

Love the banner!


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