Wednesday, August 31, 2011


this past weekend we gave azalea her first bite (slurp? haha) of solids. it wasn't a huge hit, but it also wasn't a total fail, so that was good. her pediatrician told us we could start with cereal, veggies, or fruit, we decided to go with cereal since its the closest to milk. 

We got the high chair out of the basement (it's a space saver kind that attaches to a chair, which is great for our tiny eating area). We picked out one of the many bibs we've accumulated, but haven't yet used.

i made the cereal really runny, which they recommend that you do at first. before i could get the spoon in her mouth, she started grabbing it (ha!) so i had to be quick. she was pretty unsure what to think about the food getting into her mouth that way. she ate a few spoonfuls (to be honest, i don't know if any of it actually made it in her belly as evidenced by the amount around her mouth :) 

we also took this video:

we attempted to give her cereal 2 other times over the weekend, but neither went as well as the first time. (lots of crying). i think we might try a veggie this week and see if she likes that better. food is fun, azalea, i promise! what were your kids favorite (first) foods? would love some advice on this!


Happiness Is... said...

So cute. We tried pears first and that was a huge hit (well, we did rice cereal first but I mean pears were the first real food).

Chrissy said...

Tegan's absolute favorites are sweet potatoes and apples. I have to admit I trick her into trying new food by bribing her with these! So far the only ones she really REALLY hates are the meats. They actually make her gag, poor little girl.

Lisa said...

That video was adorable! When she started smiling like she was all proud= priceless! Rosemary liked banana alot as a second food, but in the veggie department she has enjoyed butternut squash the most thus far. Each time she tries a new food she gives me the funniest face like she hates it, but by the second feeding she gets the hang of the taste I guess:).


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