Saturday, July 16, 2011


i've spent most of my life always looking forward to the next thing...

i can't wait until i'm in high school
i can't wait until i'm in college
i can't wait until i get a real job
i can't wait until i get married
i can't wait until i have a baby

and now, for the first time...i wish time would stop, that it would freeze just like this. my mom always tells me her favorite part of life (so far) was when my brother and i were little. it's such a short period and before i know it we will be onto the next thing, which i'm sure will be exciting and fun, but right now i wish i could stay in this place forever. i hope i will look back at these days and know that i gave azalea as many hugs and kisses as possible and that i didn't let the little things get to me, because that's all they are. little things. 

i couldn't ask for more than my little family.

1 comment:

Kristi said...

I love this post! Oh how right you are!!
I love the new look of your blog too :)
Azalea is just the cutest!


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