Monday, July 25, 2011

i'm a big girl now

as azalea approaches 4 months, she's been doing all sorts of fun new stuff. wanna see?

remember the johnny jump up i bought her at a garage sale? we decided to try it out a few days ago. she was a little unsure about it at first, but quickly realized it was a fun, big girl thing to do. she hasn't caught on to the whole "jumping" part yet, but she definitely likes being upright and swinging herself around on her toes.

we've put her in the bumbo seat a few times and even though she's not the hugest fan of being in there (probably because it doesn't move?), she does pretty well if we put her front of a mirror (what can i say? girl likes to look at herself). i always stand right behind her.

now tummy time is nothing new, but she is starting to enjoy it more now that she can lift her head and shoulders off the ground. we've found that the boppy helps to keep her even more upright. she looks like a cute little turtle bobbing around :)

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Lisa said...

Oh, I like the picture of her in the Bumbo! She is ADORABLE!! No wonder she likes to see herself in that mirror! :) Her hair is such a pretty color. Happy 4 months, Azalea!
Rosemary has been enjoying the jumperoo, but she just barely jumps, lol. I think they just enjoy sitting in the jumpers for now:)


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