Monday, June 20, 2011


today i returned to my job as a marketing coordinator for the first time in 12 weeks. today i kissed my little girl goodbye early in the morning and didn't see her again until the evening. today i only changed a few diapers and gave her a couple bottles. i didn't talk in a baby, sing-song voice most of the day. today i did not plan my day around feedings every 3 hours. today i looked at her pictures in my cube and tried not to cry. but i survived. my co-workers decorated my cube, bought me flowers, and welcomed me back with open arms, which made things much easier.

the last 12 weeks that i got to spend with azalea were wonderful. i feel so lucky that i had the opportunity to spend that time with her. i know many mothers don't have that option for one reason or another.  we went on countless walks, met many friends (and babies!) for lunch, spent lots of time with my parents, snuggled on the couch, and lots more. the weather was decent for the most part (i can't imagine having a baby in the winter in mn - note to self for next baby). 

there were also days where my arms ached from bouncing her, she wouldn't take a nap, i constantly thought about all the stuff that needed to get done around the house, and i couldn't wait for thatcher to get home. but i wouldn't have traded them for the world.

i feel lucky to have a job, and one that i enjoy. i'm sure it'll take a while to get used to our "new normal." this week azalea is hanging out with both sets of grandparents and next week she will start at daycare with jean and the kids. 

i'm thankful for my one day off each week to spend with her. wednesdays will be that much more special from now on. i'll be sure to update on life as a working mom once we get into a good rhythm. 

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Lisa said...

Wanted to wish Thatcher a Happy FIRST Father's Day!
And going back to work must be extremely difficult. Be good to yourself and try to hang in there. That is so great that you get Wednesdays off to be with Azalea. I'll be thinking of you and sending good thoughts your way while you guys make this adjustment. You are a great Mommy!


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