Friday, June 3, 2011


if you are friends with me on facebook, you've probably already heard this story, but i wanted to write it on the blog so i don't forget...cuz it's a good one.

the other day azalea and i walked to the lunds grocery store near our house. we were on a busy street waiting to cross at the light and this old lady approached us wearing...a winter coat, ear muffs, and gloves. (it was about 70 degrees out at the time). she smiled at me and i could see all of her teeth were rotted out. (yumm). the conversation we had went like this:

lady: ohhh what a sweet sweet little girl
me: thank you
lady: ...would she like some candy?
me (trying not to laugh): um, that's ok...she's actually a little young for candy
lady:'re really small...they're nerds. it'll be perfect for her!
me (still trying not to laugh): oh, no that's really ok. thanks though
lady (digging in her purse and pulling them out): they're cherry and grape! she will love them. just give them to her. they're real little.
me: um, ok thanks.

i ended up taking them because the poor woman was so insistent. i threw them away when i got home, though. she was so proud that she could offer up her nerds to my 2 month old with no teeth :)

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The Raymonds said...

lol, That's too funny! What a sweet/strange older lady! You probably made her day!


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