Sunday, June 26, 2011

3 months

another month has come and gone. you are 3 months old already! i can't tell you how many times over the last month i've seen tiny babies out and have been reminded that i no longer have a newborn. in some ways that makes me sad, but mostly i'm proud that you are growing into such a great little girl. you are doing new things everyday, it's amazing! here's a little summary:

 - i'm guessing you probably weigh somewhere in the 11 lb range, but you don't go back to the dr. until 4 months, so we won't know for sure until then.
- you eat 4-5 oz. of formula and/or breast milk about every 3 hours. although sometimes you demand to be fed way sooner than that. we just moved you up to the 'fast' flow nipples on your bottle. you are having a little trouble controlling the speed that the milk comes, but i think you'll figure it out soon. you are obsessed with sucking on your hands and your burp cloth. sometimes you try to do it when the bottle is in your mouth.
- you continue to be an amazing sleeper at night. you sleep 9-11 hours each night and it is so so nice! you sleep in your crib and have been completely broken of the swaddle for a while. you usually take a couple naps a day, but they vary in length from day to day.
- you are still wearing size 1 disposable diapers, but we'll probably move you up to size 2 soon. you only wear 1-2 of disposables per day (just overnight). otherwise you are in your cloth diapers the rest of the time. we've even got the grandparents trained in on using them :)
- you wear a mix of 0-3, 3, and 3-6 mo clothes. i'm having so much fun dressing you up each day, but i wish we would have some warmer weather, so you could wear the summery stuff more often. i put a bow in your hair almost every day. gotta take advantage of all your cute hair!
- you have learned how to roll onto your side (which you do all the time) and you've even made it onto your tummy by yourself once. i see fun diapers changes in our future. 
- you love to be bounced, and like to be rocked in the glider when you are tired. you love to look in the mirror and smile at your reflection. you also love to smile at the ceiling fan at grandma and grandpa kusmich's. you've started actually paying attention when we read you books, so we'll be doing that more often!
- you got sick for the first time this week. luckily it's just a little cold with a stuffed up nose and cough, but it's so sad to see you not feeling well.
- bath time is still a hit. we usually give you 2 baths a week. i can't wait until you are big enough to go in the real tub. 
- you still love your play mat and spend lots of time on there kicking and batting at your toys. you are becoming less and less interested in your bouncy seat and your legs almost go off the edge.
- you smile and coo all the time. you've started laughing a little too and it's so much fun to hear! today you let out a couple shrieks (happy ones!).
- one of the biggest changes this month is that i mom went back to work. you spent the first week with your grandparents and tomorrow you will officially be starting daycare. i'm loving having wednesdays off to be with you!

here's a pic of you at 3 months:


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