Saturday, May 21, 2011

garage sales

i've never been a huge garage saler. even last summer when i was pregnant, i went to a few, but didn't buy hardly anything at them because i didn't know if we were having a boy or a girl yet. what a difference a year makes! i'm still not all that interested in buying stuff for myself, but i'm all about the baby and kids stuff. azalea and i got out to quite a few sales yesterday despite the rain. she slept through most of it, but we still had fun :)

my sister in law let us know about a sale in uptown that had baby clothes and some cloth diapers for sale. unfortunately by the time i got there she had already sold the diapers (to the person i passed on my way in!) oh well. my mom told me richfield was having their city-wide sales today, so azalea and i drove around for a while and looked for tables with piles of pink! :) the girl already has a ton of clothes thanks to our generous friends and family (and some that i bought while i was pregnant). but the supply sharply drops off after about 6-9 mos, so i told myself i could buy stuff size 9 mos. and bigger. look at all the cute clothes we found:

we also picked up this johnny jump up for $2. can't wait until azalea is big enough to go in it.

i think i spent about $15 total. i'm looking forward to more sales this summer!

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