Tuesday, April 19, 2011

the many faces of azalea

this little girl makes the best faces. we were hanging out this morning and these are the ones i captured. yesterday we (and by we, i mean baby girl) had a 2.5 hour crying session. i felt so bad i couldn't figure out what was wrong. but so far she is a happy camper today. maybe because her grandma and grandpa are here. everyone knows grandma and grandpa are way more fun than mom!

big yawnnnnnnnnn

"what are you doing?!"

just chillaxin


jss said...

Oh my god, the yawn face! I die. Is it weird that I just want to eat her face?

Love the new blog header!

Annie said...

aw!! she is just precious!! :)

{N} Jones said...

I love the pics! Too cute :)

Kristi said...

adorable girl!


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