Monday, April 25, 2011


yesterday was azalea's first easter! we had a great day with family and it was just that much sweeter having my little girl here to celebrate with. i think my favorite part was dressing her up in this cute little outfit:

she looks a little concerned...probably because the easter bunny didn't make it to our house

my mom and i took her to church for the first time. she was good and slept through most of it. she was startled a couple times from the music, but didn't seem to mind. she was quite popular too! 

we went to my parents' house for an egg hunt and dinner with my extended family. of course azalea was the star. it's been almost 18 years since we've had a baby on my mom's side of the family, so they can't get enough of her.

my brother, cousin austin, and aunt cindy

normally we do easter at my aunt and uncle's, but we changed it up this year, so the egg hunt was at my parents'. my uncle corey hides 4 eggs of a certain color for each person to find. it was a beautiful day!

daddy and azalea were on a team

some serious egg hunting going on

family picture...i love them so much!

after dinner, we stopped by thatcher's parents' for a little bit. his mom had surgery last week, so she needed some azalea snuggle time :)


The Raymonds said...

Happy 1 month Birthday to Azalea! I am catching up on your posts, and I think she is just such a doll!! She looks so sweet and beautiful!
So glad you guys had a wonderful Easter- and that you made some beautiful memories with Azalea on her first Easter!
Her newborn photos are adorable! And WOW on her weight gain!! That is wonderful!! Good job, Mama!!

Kristi said...

Super cute bunny slippers and dress!


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