Friday, April 1, 2011

due date

today is april 1st, my official due date! a week ago, i never would have guessed i'd be enjoying my sweet 6 day old daughter today. we are quickly forgetting what life was like without her. 

we had our second little outing today. we took azalea to thatcher's work to meet everyone. she slept the entire time, but they all loved her. after that, she had her first pediatrician appointment. it went really well! she is back up to her discharge weight (after losing a few ounces when the home nurse was here on wednesday). they'd still like us to come in next week to make sure her weight gain is on track. we can handle that! the funny thing was, they measured her length again and it was 20.75 inches (they told us she was 22 inches right after birth). somebody apparently didn't measure her very accurately the first time. haha. so, it turns out our "tall girl" is really just average :) 

tonight our next door neighbors came over to meet azalea and brought us some yummy chicken chili! she slept through most of the visit (surprise surprise) :) i wish she could stay this tiny and sleepy forever, but i'm sure we'll love every stage that comes along.

nom nom

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Carol said...

Happy one week birthday! She's so cute! I've enjoyed reading your blog and seeing pictures. You're right, the days and months will fly by, and you will enjoy every stage even though it might not seem like it at the time. The first days and weeks are some of the best, even though you're tired. You and Thatcher will be (are) wonderful parents!


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