Saturday, April 30, 2011

date night

tonight thatcher and i had our first official outing without azalea. i've left her with my parents a few times while i've run to the grocery store or target, but we decided we were due for a real date...just the two of us. my parents watched her while we went for dinner at Sen Yai Sen Lek Thai in northeast minneapolis. we love thai restaurants and we hadn't been to this one yet. it was really good! we were gone for a couple hours and it was nice to have some adult conversation (we even talked about non-baby things!) :) of course we missed her tons, but we know that getting away occasionally for date nights is good for our the grandparents will come up with any excuse to watch her. haha. we feel so lucky to have all of our family in town, so we can have opportunities like these. 

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twolittletots said...

date nights are the best! keep having them, because i think it gets harder as they get older. for some reason we don't seem to get out on date nights these is so easy to do everything as a family. but, i really need a little break right now...looking forward to it soon! enjoy that little one...they grow up way too fast!


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