Wednesday, March 9, 2011

work shower

my co-workers threw me a really fun and cute baby shower today. i work for a small company (13 employees), so it was fun to get to celebrate with (almost) everyone. they decorated the conference room, and ordered and made lots of yummy food, including cupcakes!

the group enjoying lunch

we played some games and they got me a few gifts to open, which was so nice of them!

present time!

here's all the cute stuff that baby got, all of which is very appreciated. i feel so thankful to work with such great people. not everyone can say that!


Cedar said...

That locally grown onesie is awesome!!

Melissa said...

I know, I love it! It was bought by a guy I work with (which makes it even cuter) and he got it at the Linden Hills Co-op.


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