Friday, March 4, 2011

i'm excited about these pretties

i feel like i've been spending a lot on baby stuff lately (yikes...), but i swear it's all mostly stuff we need! target and babies r us must love me, i've been visiting them almost every weekend. haha. this past weekend i ordered the missing piece for the nursery: 

i'm super excited for it to come next week! i'm sure i'll do some practice rocking in the next few weeks :) side note: props to target! yesterday i was on their site and noticed the glider was on sale for $20 off, so i sent them an email asking if they would adjust the price for me and they got back to me within an hour letting me know that they did. so, i'm a happy camper!

ok...i know i said i've only been buying things we need, and i swear i've been good about sticking to the essential items lately, but i got an email (that sounds familiar!) that these adorable baby leg warmers from baby legs were on sale. i've been eyeing these for months and normally they go for $12 a pair, but they were 3 for $16 so i couldn't pass it up. i love the look of baby leg warmers with a cute onesie or dress and i can't wait to put them on her. (i got the top 3). i also love that they are designed to fit her for a long time to come. 

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