Wednesday, March 30, 2011

home sweet home

we've been home with our sweet girl for a couple days now and so far things are going well. we've had lots of visitors, which is not only fun, but also helpful so we can do things like eat, do the laundry, put stuff away, etc. of course we spend a good amount of time just staring at her and melting over every cute little thing she does ("she just sneezed! twice!"). :) it has been so amazing to watch thatcher bond with her. not that i was ever worried he wouldn't, but he's not really a "baby person." it's so true how that all changes when it's your own baby. he keeps telling me he wants to remember every little thing about this newborn she looks at him, touches his beard, how she makes him feel. it's enough to make my heart burst. 

of course everything isn't all sunshine and rainbows. she and i are working hard to develop a nursing relationship. in the first days, she was so sleepy all the time and it was nearly impossible to rouse her for a feeding. she is getting much better now and it makes things a little easier. nursing is hard work and i can easily see how you could want to give up between the pain and effort it all takes. but i think it's so worth and i will do everything in my power to do it for as long as possible. there's also learning how to adjust to this brand new world. i find myself plotting out my every move "ok, i'm going to go to the bathroom, then feed her, then take a shower, then you can take a shower" etc. it's funny, but totally necessary until we get used to our new normal. 

i'm trying my hardest to just savor these early days because i know they will fly by so fast and before we know it she'll be crawling, walking, talking, etc. and i know a post just isn't a post without pictures, so here are a few from our first days at home:

all ready to go home!

i'm such a sucker for anything with animal ears :)

daddy changes the first diaper

cousin jack meets azalea for the first time

this might be one of my favorite pictures to date


Jackie Getchius said...

I had the same problem with Gavin falling asleep while nursing. Stripping him down to his diaper and moving his arm around while nursing seemed to help. Hope you're able to get some rest and enjoy all those little sweet moments!

Kristi said...

My babies were super sleepy newborns too! Keep waking her though, as it's important for her weight gain and establishing your milk supply. And, it won't be long before these days of breastfeeding challenges will be just a distant memory and you'll be in a great place with it :)
Love the pictures you have posted- what a doll baby!

{N} Jones said...

Great to hear you guys are adjusting to baby and mommy-hood! I think it's great that you have such a positive attitude about breastfeeding. I hope to be the same way. Keep truckin' along girl you are doing great!!

The Raymonds said...

I love all of these pics!! So sweet! She is adorable, Melissa. We are adjusting to being home, too, and it is difficult at times. Our girl is a rough that has been tough! I never expected nursing to be difficult, ya know?? I am so glad to hear that you guys are having so much fun and loving this amazing time!! It is funny how even things like poopy diapers become "cute" huh?? Enjoy!!


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