Saturday, March 19, 2011

38 weeks

hello 38 weeks! nice to see you. it would be nicer if you promise to be my last week of pregnancy :) i hear there's going to be a full moon know what they say about full moons and women going into labor. i wouldn't mind fulfilling that theory. haha. in all seriousness, though...thankfully i'm not miserable yet. as much as i'd love to meet this baby yesterday, i'm content with her staying in there a little bit longer. the longer she waits, the nicer the weather will be on my maternity leave. and i'm depending on nice weather so we can take lots of walks to get this booty back in shape. 

at 38 weeks, my baby center email puts her at about 6 lbs, 8oz and 19.5 inches long. my doctor estimated that she is in the 6 lb range and will probably be in the 7 lb range when she is born. we'll see! thatcher and i were both in the 8 lb range, so i wouldn't be surprised if she ends up that size too. 

i mentioned a couple weeks ago that we set up the pack n play in our room. here it is, just waiting for a cute, good sleeping (ha!) baby to fill it:

i'm still waiting on the glider to be delivered. the estimated date of arrival was yesterday and it even arrived at the minneapolis facility on thursday night, but has it made it to my house yet? nope! argh. i'm keeping my fingers crossed for monday. 

i'm enjoying having my parents back in town from fl. in fact, they are making me dinner tonight :) thatcher's parents will be getting back from italy tonight, so no grandparents will miss the birth of this babe. woo hoo!

alrighty, here's my 38 week pic. maybe my last weekly pic? a girl can dream...


jss said...

You are adorable. Hope this is your last week of pregnancy!! (Although lets be honest...I think you've got another 2 weeks in ya!;-D)

{N} Jones said...

Any signs of baby yet? :)

Melissa said...

No real signs up labor yet unfortunately. A few painful contractions, but nothing regular. Come on, baby! :)


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