Thursday, March 17, 2011

37 week appointment

i had my 37 week appointment today, and it was a good one! i found out my strep b test came back negative, i only gained the recommended one pound this week (despite eating more than my fair share of sweets - pie for pi day, anyone?), and best of all, (stop reading now if you don't want to hear about the state of my cervix) i'm dilated at least 1cm. i say "at least" because my doctor said it might even be 2cm, but she wasn't able to tell for sure. let's just say checking that is not the most pleasant thing to go through and she could tell i was in pain, so she stopped. haha. guess i should get used to it right? :) i'm excited that there is some progress going on, but i have to keep in mind that i could easily stay where i am for a couple weeks...especially since this is my first baby. there's really no way of knowing. just in case baby does decide to make an appearance this week, my doctor let me know she's on call at the hospital on sunday and friday. she even gave baby a little pep talk. haha. i would love for her to be the one to deliver my baby, but of course i'm not too picky as long as someone there knows what they're doing and will get me through it. :)  

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The Raymonds said...

Hooray for dilation!!! And YES, those exams can be a little painful! I thought so, too! I hope you continue to make wonderful progress so you can hold your little girl soon!
I was so happy to hear that you are cloth diapering, too! I will definitely write about it at some point- and I hope you do, too! It's nice to find other Mommies who are tackling cloths!


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