Thursday, February 24, 2011

so that's what everyone talks about

people ask me all the time if strangers ever touch my belly and i always say no, because up until this week it had never happened. but it seems my belly is quickly becoming public property. ha! yesterday i was out for lunch with my co-worker and the waitress bent over and rubbed my belly while cooing "oooo look at you!" and no, she didn't ask permission. it honestly didn't really bother me. i thought it was more funny than anything, but really...why do people think it's okay to do that? i would never reach out and rub a stranger's pregnant belly. so weird. 

then last night thatcher and i were at chipotle for dinner and i accidentally stepped in front of this little old lady. i quickly said "excuse me." she smiles and says "excuse you and baby!" haha. no belly rub or anything that time, but it's just funny how you start to feel like people just see you as a big walking and talking belly by this point :) 

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