Wednesday, February 16, 2011

nursing cover deal

guys, i'm becoming a sucker for these "cost of shipping only" deals. but i swear it's something i do actually need. are any of you mamas-to-be (or current mamas!) looking for a nursing cover? a friend of mine let me know about a promotion going on at udder covers. use the code "family2011" when you check out at and you can get any nursing cover for just the cost of shipping ($10). the covers are regularly $32. i ordered this one: 

her hair sort of covers it up, but there's a strap that goes around your neck, so baby can't pull it off while nursing, like a regular blanket. 

just thought i'd share in case anyone is interested! 

1 comment:

Melissa said...

Apparently this was a popular promotion. I got an email that the style I chose is on back order, but I can choose a different style and it will be upgraded to a giftset for free. Hope it all works out!


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