Sunday, February 13, 2011

my shower

yesterday was my baby shower thrown by 2 of my good friends and my aunt at the party room at my grandma's condo. they did such an amazing job and i loved having everyone together to celebrate baby girl's impending arrival. i had my cousin take tons of pictures with my camera, and here are just a few of them:

they did a "very hungry caterpillar" theme and it was adorable. check out the cupcakes!

my aunt made this super cute diaper cake and there was tons of delicious food! 

a few of the ladies eating lunch

i had to share the spotlight with these 2 cuties all afternoon, but i didn't mind a bit :) 

we played three games. one was to match up adult animals with their baby counterparts. the second was to guess the flavor of 6 different jars of baby food (i tasted them all! ha!) and the third was to guess what various baby supplies hidden inside brown papers were. 

baby girl got so many adorable gifts. i feel so lucky to have such generous friends and family.

here are some of the girls and me

2 of my lovely hostesses, kelli and liz

aunts, mom, grandma, and me

one of my college roomates, heidi stopped at my house after the shower with her 2 boys. i lived with all these girls in college and i'm so glad they are still a part of my life even though we're scattered apart. 

today i was a nesting maniac. i was waiting until after the shower to wash and organize most the baby stuff. i think i've done 6 or 7 loads of laundry today. baby girl has so many clothes! haha. it feels really good to have thing more organized now, though. we still have a few more important things to buy, but we're much closer than we were a couple days ago and i'm thankful for that! 

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Jen said...

Oh my gosh, what a fun time!! And all those baby gifts? It looks like you might be all set! ;-)

Happy Wednesday Dear! xo

Oh, and pop by for a GIVEAWAY today!!


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