Tuesday, February 1, 2011

my nights are getting strange

i had the weirdest thing happen to me about an hour after going to sleep last night. i woke up coughing/sort of choking uncontrollably on what? i don't know...saliva? i noticed a strong taste of vomit in my mouth (gross, i know). i was super confused because i did not feel sick to my stomach or anything. i got up and got a drink of water and noticed that both my chest and throat felt completely raw (like i had been puking). i don't think i had even been coughing for very long before this happened. if i had, i'm pretty sure it would have woken up thatcher and i would have remembered. and there was no puke to be found. so, i got the gross taste out of my mouth and went back to bed. it took me forever to fall asleep again because i was so weirded out. was i puking in a dream? i'm still confused by it and have no idea what that was all about. i don't know why i just wrote about this on the internet. sorry!

i've mentioned my crazy dreams before on here (i could write about those everyday, but i know no one really likes hearing about other people's dreams...me included). but last night i dreamed that at 32 weeks the doctor discovered that i had...wait for it...5 babies in my belly. i was so shocked that they hadn't noticed the other 4 before. haha. they told me that 2 of them would likely die before i gave birth, but we'd probably still end up with triplets unless we wanted to abort the other 2. such a ridiculous dream, but i'm also so thankful when i wake up from dreams like that it's not real life. haha. 


Rebecca said...

Possibly heartburn/acid reflux? Very common in pregnant women


Rachel said...

That was my thought as well... If I remember later, I'll ask Mike his professional doctor opinion... :)


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