Saturday, February 26, 2011

35 weeks

i've reached the 35/35 milestone...what does that mean, you ask? it means i've been pregnant for 35 weeks and i have 35 days left until my due date. i don't know whether to be excited or scared. i'm thinking a little of both is appropriate. i didn't end up going to my doctor's appointment on monday. we got 13 inches of snow and i didn't want to deal with getting out of the driveway/alley, so i rescheduled for next monday. i'm curious to see if there have been any changes over the last week or so. i haven't gone into labor yet, so that's good ;)

we're continuing to check things off our to do list. this week we went to our newborn care class at amma maternity (where we took our birthing class). we both thought the class was helpful. i knew most of the stuff they talked about, but i did learn a few new things. the funniest part was they had a doll for each couple and we were required to hold the doll as we would our own newborn...for the entire 2.5 hour class. that included supporting the doll's head and neck when passing it to our partner. haha. there was a spare doll on the seat next to us and thatcher thought she looked lonely, so he held 2 dolls for a while. so. cute. he also told me after the class that holding the doll made him excited for our baby to come. i'm sure he'd be totally embarrassed that i wrote that on here, but he rarely reads my blog, so i think i'm safe! :) 

last night we got to meet our friends jeff and chrissy's 3 week old daughter, tegan. she is the cutest little peanut ever! i couldn't get enough of her. in other news, i managed to work myself into a near panic attack around 4am this morning when i came back to bed after going to the bathroom and laid there awake for at least a half hour trying to get baby to move. i poked her, tapped her for what felt like an eternity and...nothing. i finally got so scared i woke up thatcher. we both laid there with our hands on my belly for a few more minutes and finally she started moving. i don't know why i let myself get so worked up about these things. she was probably in a deep sleep. i'm gonna be a wreck when she comes out! ha. 

at 35 weeks, baby girl weighs about 5.25 pounds and is over 18 inches long. she's pretty much done cooking at this point (minus some more lung development and adding a few more pounds). but hopefully not too many pounds. haha. i'm still feeling pretty good in the mornings and afternoons, but by the time i get home from work i feel as big as a house and achey and all i want to do is change into my pajamas and lay on the couch. i'm sleeping ok at night, but not great. i guess it's good practice, right?

alright...5 weeks to go!

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Jen said...

You look so adorable!! And boo those those ladies who are touching your tummy :-(

Happy Tuesday Darling!

Oh, and stop by today for my perfume GIVEAWAY!


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