Saturday, February 12, 2011

33 weeks

with each week (and even day) i'm really happy that baby is deciding to stay put. not that i'm too worried she'll come early, but it's relieving to know that's she putting on weight at rapid pace these days. i'm still having the same amount of braxton hicks as the last couple weeks, but i'm pretty used to them at this point. ha! i'm anxious for my appointment next week to see if anything has changed. but first i'm going to enjoy the fun weekend ahead! i have my baby shower today and i've been looking forward to it forever. i'll do a recap post later on. 

at 33 weeks, baby girl is a little over 4 pounds and a little over 17 inches long. she isn't showing any signs of slowing down in there yet, but that's okay because i love it. haha. i mentioned in my last post that we got the stroller/carseat travel system in the mail that we registered for from my relatives in nj. we set it up the other night and i love it!

we have a bit of organizing to do in the nursery :) 

i've got some stuff to get done before the fun can begin today, so i'll leave you with a shot of the belly. she's getting a little heavy to lug around these days!

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Look at that sexy beard!


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