Saturday, February 5, 2011

32 weeks

8 weeks to go! (give or take...) i've been experiencing a fair amount of braxton hicks contractions this week. if you don't know what those are, they are basically "practice contractions." they don't hurt, but my stomach will tighten up and feel hard as a rock for about 30 seconds to a minute and then go back to normal. they say if you start having 4 or more in an hour that you should call your doctor. i've been sort of borderline a couple times lately. but i have an appointment scheduled for next wednesday and i really don't want to have to go in before then. so i'm trying not to worry, but obviously if they start getting out of hand, i'll call. i'm not sure how i feel about this "too early for baby to come, but not out of the question" period i'm in. anyone have braxton hicks stories to share? 

which brings us to: huge baby stats! at 32 weeks, she's now 3.75 pounds and 16.5 inches long. i'm starting to wonder about her position in there, because i never feel like she's the way the pictures show. but i guess she still has space to move all around for another few weeks before it's the moment of truth: head down or breech. make good choices, baby :)

we've had lots of visitors this week. liz and joe brought both their boys (2 and 2 mos) over on monday night. it was chaotic, but fun! i can't wait until our baby is thrown in the mix. tuesday night our friends kelli and laura (and baby evie - 2 mos) came over for dinner. our friends jeff and chrissy had their baby this week, 3 weeks early. tegan alexis is a little peanut at only 5 lbs, but she's doing great i hear. we can't wait to meet her. so many little friends for our girl - i love it! 

this morning we had our hospital tour. we are delivering at methodist. i think actually being in the hospital creeped thatcher out more than watching the birthing videos in class. haha. i sort of feel the same way. i haven't spent much time in hospitals in my life and they are a little intimidating. i have no doubt that we'll receive great care, i'm just hoping i feel comfortable there considering the events that will be unfolding :) 

this is getting long, so it's time to wrap it up! i don't mean to sound like a broken record, but...i'm in disbelief over the size of this belly!


jss said...

Holy crap, 32 weeks! Your pregnancy is just flying by for me :)

You are not that huge. At 32 weeks I looked like I could give birth any minute. You're adorable. And congrats on finding daycare! Huge hurdle cleared. And in Richfield -- right by me!

Meagan said...

Looks like a big belly to me! When I was at the doctor this week she said I was having a contraction and now I am paranoid every pain I have is a contraction.

{N} Jones said...

Love your growing baby bump! That means she's healthy :) So far I haven't had any braxton hicks, that I know of, but I am sure my day is coming sooner rather than later!


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