Saturday, January 29, 2011

31 weeks

i'm happy to report i'm feeling much better than i did last weekend. that darn cold took about a week for me to get over, though :(  i called the nurses line last saturday and they told me i could take sudafed, so i sent thatcher out to get me some. it seemed to help. here's to hoping i make it through the rest of this pregnancy without getting sick again!

other than that, this week has been pretty uneventful. according to my weekly email from baby center, baby girl is now 16 inches long and weighs almost 3.5 pounds! her acrobatics continue to amaze me. she's so active! apparently she'll start slowing down in the next few weeks as she starts to run out of space. i can't believe we're that far along! 

this morning was part 2 of our birthing class. they talked a lot about epidurals (and other pain relief options), unplanned c-sections, etc. i think that stuff freaks thatcher out more than me just giving birth naturally. haha. i thought the class was really good overall. the instructor was really great. i'm planning to go into this birth with an open mind as i have nothing to compare it to and it may be way worse or way better than i'm expecting. after class i went on a little shopping expedition and it was quite successful! i found a rug, lamp, and some storage baskets for the nursery (no pics, sorry!). i love the way they look (hopefully thatcher will too). yes, he cares :) 

ok, enough rambling. check out the 31 week belly. you can't miss it, that's for sure!

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Meg said...

Very cute! I'm going with the keep an open mind plan too.


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