Saturday, January 22, 2011

30 weeks

we're in the 30s!! i can't believe it! this week has been sort of kicking my butt, unfortunately. aside from the usual pregnancy stuff like feeling ginormous, peeing every hour, getting sore legs and hips when i sleep, etc, i picked up a nasty cold from who-knows-where. having a cold is never fun, but it's way worse when you are pregnant, because you can't really take anything for it. so, i've been suffering through a sore throat, stuffy/running nose, and now a cough. boo. i hope it goes away soon. 

at 30 weeks, baby girl is over 15.5 inches long and weighs almost 3 pounds now! she's feeling more and more baby-like by the day. i'm usually not sure which way she is facing in there, but when i lay down on my side, she loves to push her foot into the front of my belly. it's so funny to see! sometimes i try to grab it, which thatcher thinks is "mean." haha. i tease her because i love her :) 

today we had our first birthing class. it was pretty good. we did watch one birth video but the footage of the baby actually coming out was very brief, so neither of us were too traumatized. haha. we go back again next saturday for part 2. i feel like i already know most of the stuff the teacher talked about, but it's always good to be reminded. and i'm sure most of it is new to thatcher. we still need to set up a tour of the hospital (which is separate). 

here is my 30 week belly pic, complete with a fake smile since i'm feeling like crap today:

i'm scared to think what I'm going to look like in another month or 2 :) 


Meagan said...

You are all belly! I'm so sorry you got a cold! My mom had a really bad cold and I'm so glad I didn't get it. I keep telling everyone that is sick to stay away from me cause I can't take sudafed!

{N} Jones said...

Oh girl, I totally feel your pain....unfortunately I have a lovely cold as well! I hope you get feeling better soon! And look at that cute baby bump :)

alison said...

Just stopping by to say that I love your blog, your musings, and your belly progress! I marched with Thatcher at the U, so I promise I'm not just some random blog-stalker :) Happy 30 weeks!


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