Saturday, January 15, 2011

29 weeks

yesterday marked 29 weeks! i had my 28 week appointment on thursday with my doctor. thatcher came along. it was the normal routine...checked blood pressure, weighed me (hello holiday weight gain! ha! i'm still "on track" though luckily), listened to baby's heart beat (perfect) and measured my belly, which is measuring about half a week ahead. all in all a good appointment. 

at 29 weeks baby girl should be weighing about 2.5 lbs and measuring about 15 inches from head to toe. crazy to think she's almost to her birth length...she just needs to fatten up now :) her crib was delivered on wednesday and thatcher is planning on putting it together today! i'm so excited! i'm going to wash her bedding shortly, so it's all ready to go. hopefully the new blinds and curtains will go up this weekend too. i'll post pictures when it's done. 

last night we went out for dinner with some of thatcher's friends. 2 other women were pregnant, which was fun. we had burgers and malts at burger jones and they were amazing! today we went to a couples baby shower for our friends jeff and chrissy. thatche was thrilled to experience his first baby shower. haha. they are expecting a little girl at the end of february. so excited that they'll have a girl so close in age. 

i guess that's it for now. here is the massively growing belly at week 29:

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