Saturday, January 1, 2011

27 weeks

happy 2011! and t minus 3 months until my due date! i can now officially say "i'm going to have a baby this year!" :) we had a quiet, but fun new years eve at home. thatcher and i made breakfast dinner (a staple at our house), then our neighbors came over for chocolate fondue and we watched the ball drop *ahem*....the 11:00 version. that still counts, right? haha. we were in bed by 11:50 and did hear some fireworks outside when the new year hit. i could blame it on being pregnant, but i've been known to go to bed before midnight other years too.

this baby is getting bigger and more active by the day. her new favorite thing to do is push her little butt (or back?) into the side of my belly, so I get a hard bulge sticking out. it always makes me laugh. i've also noticed that when i get up in the middle of the night after sleeping on one side for a long time, her little body is always molded to one side of my belly. haha. at 27 weeks she should be measuring around 14.5 inches long and weighing 2 pounds! i believe it! 

yesterday i dragged thatcher to babies r us to help me register. actually he spent an hour at rei while registered for most of the "small" stuff, then he met up with me to make decisions on the big ticket items. 
it worked out well! i was there for over 2 hours. i will still probably add and subtract stuff from the registry, but it's basically finished. we still need to do a target registry, but that one will be on a much smaller scale. we also found the crib we are going to buy at babies r us. i just need to go back and buy it sometime this week with someone who has a truck or suv so we can get it home...any volunteers? :) today we went to ikea and got a dresser that will double as a changing table. i can't wait to start putting furniture together!

sorry to ramble, i'll leave you with the 27 week pic now:


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FYI, before you buy the crib at Babies R Us, check to see if you can get a better price. I was going to buy the Graco Lauren crib from Babies R Us but wound up getting it new from Amazon for $40 less. And the shipping was free.

Happy New Year!!


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