Tuesday, December 28, 2010

recent purchases

we've bought a few fun things for baby this week and i wanted to share them. first, we took the plunge into the cloth diapering world and bought our first couple covers and inserts. we bought the flip brand "daypack" which includes 2 covers and 6 organic cotton inserts. they were on sale for a really great price at our local co-op, so we figured we couldn't pass it up. i think buying our cloth diapering supplies in chunks will make the upfront cost not as overwhelming. i don't know if we'll do all flip diapers, but there are a lot of things i like about them: 

1. the covers don't have pockets to stuff the inserts into, so you can reuse the covers a few times before having to wash them (you just wash the inserts every time). this cuts down on the number of covers you need to buy (they are the expensive part). 2. they have snap buttons (which i've heard last longer than velcro) that are adjustable, so the baby can use the covers from birth to potty training. if our baby is smaller than 8 pounds when she is born, we might need to purchase some newborn disposable diapers to get her through until the cloth ones fit, but i'm not too concerned. 3. they are cute! just look! i think we'll need to buy about 6 more covers and around 12 more inserts. as much as i want to buy some pink ones, i think it'll stick with gender neutral so future babies can wear them too :)

next, we had this gorgeous print framed that thatcher purchased at a bike-themed art show last summer (before we were even expecting). i love it and luckily it works for a boy or girl's room. we had to get it professionally framed since it's an irregular size...it turned out great:

sorry about the picture quality/reflections...it looks much better in real life

also, i got my sling that i ordered online in the mail. it's really pretty and seems fairly simple to use, but i guess we'll see when i use it with a real baby. i'm excited! i may have tested it out with a stuffed animal :)

i also purchased crib bedding and curtains online last night! i know you are probably thinking...when did they get a crib? well, we haven't yet. haha. but the bedding is standard size, so i don't think it should be a problem. i can't wait for it to get here!


Karen said...

This is all really cute stuff! Such good taste, as always.

But I have to comment on the part about thinking you need 12 more diaper inserts. So that will give you a total of 18. Hahahahahaha! You will find out why I'm laughing, on about April 5th.

Karen said...

Um, yeah, have to retract that last comment. Apparently Melissa has done her homework, and 18 diapers are enough for normal babies. Unlike mine, who pooped every 20 minutes, or did I just imagine that?

Way to go, Melissa, smarter than me already and you haven't even had the baby yet! :)


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