Saturday, December 25, 2010

26 weeks

merry christmas! (again...) i hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend. we are busy getting the house ready to host my parents and my brother tonight. it's our third night of christmas festivities. i'll do a christmas re-cap post later on. it's been a great week overall. we got to meet ms. evelyn rose, our friends laura and joe's new baby girl. she's a doll:

even thatcher thought so :) 

i found out i'm gd free, took a trip to babies r us, got to see some good high school friends, spent lots of time with family, and ate yummy food to my heart's content. 

at 26 weeks, baby girl is up to 14 inches long and weighs 1 and 2/3 pounds. crazy! i can definitely tell she's getting bigger and more baby like. when i lay down on my side, i can now feel her feet? elbows? knees? bumping around in there. it's hard to tell which body part it is, but either way, i love it! it makes her feel so real! 

not much else to report today, so i'll just leave you with the week 26 picture:

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